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Nominating Committee Report

1st Reading – Saturday, July 22, 2023

2nd Reading & Voted – Saturday, August 5, 2023


Pastoral Staff
Lead Campus Pastor – Gordon Fraser
Campus Pastor – Dr. Casey Adams


Church Board
Lead Campus Pastor – Gordon Fraser (Chair)
Campus Pastor – Dr. Casey Adams (Chair)
First Elder – Charles White
Elders – Seth Owusu, Joh Sanders, Rufus Butts
Head Deacon – Phillip Owusu
Treasurer – Arlene White
Church Clerk – Caroline Adams
Invitee Members: Illinois Conference Administration
Members at Large (Non-Voting Members): Departmental Leaders


Charles White, First Elder
Seth Owusu
John Sanders
Rufus Butts



Church Clerk
Caroline Adams, Church Clerk
Dr. Mariah Seton, Assistant Church Clerk



Phillip Owusu, Head Deacon
Terrance Hunt
Mel Carter
William Huckabee



Phyllis Sanders, Head Deaconess
Cheryl Williams, Assistant Head Deaconess
Kay Adams



Safety, Security, & Risk Management
Dr. Casey Adams, Campus Pastor
Charles White, Facility Manager
Phillip Owusu, Head Deacon
Arlene White, Treasurer



Treasury, Stewardship, & Fundraising
Arlene White, Treasurer
Phillip Owusu, Assistant Treasurer
Rufus Butts, Counter
Charles White, Counter
Kay Adams, Counter


Finance Committee
Gordon Fraser, Chair
Dr. Casey Adams, Chair
Charles White
Arlene White

Phillip Owusu



Music Ministry
Dr. Casey Adams, Worship Leader | Charles White, Ministry Elder
Charity Owusu, Music Ministry Leader
Sophia Carter, Assistant Music Ministry Leader & Pianist
Mark Essex, Organist



Youth & Children’s Ministries
Lisa Jemison, Leader
Charity Owusu, Assistant Leader



Media Ministry
Phillip Owusu, Leader
Mel Carter



Hospitality Ministry
Vacant, Leader
Kay Adams, Assistant Leader
Lisa Jemison
Sis. Owusu
Arlene White
Dr. Mariah Seton



Sabbath School
Lisa Jemison, Superintendent
Seth Owusu, Teacher
Arlene White, Teacher
Rufus Butts, Teacher
Mel Carter, Teacher
TerriLyn Jemison, Teacher


Personal Ministries
Mel Carter, Leader
Kenneth Coleman



Community Service
Dr. Mariah Seton, Director
Mel Carter, Volunteer
Sophia Carter, Volunteer
Terrance Hunt, Volunteer
Kenneth Coleman, Volunteer


Family Life Ministries
Phyllis Sanders, Women’s Ministry Leader
Bro. Luther, Men’s Ministries Leader


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